Wednesday, October 16, 2013

K-Pop MV

K-Pop Music Video

Every time when a Korean group or solo release their songs in album/mini album or even single, usually you will see there's a music video featuring one of their song in album/mini album/single. Unlike English or Taiwanese MV, most of the K-Pop MV will have the performance of sing and dance with theme/storyline.

Girl's Generation "Oh!"
Why K-Pop MV is important to their songs? In my opinion, Korean MV is really useful for promoting their songs. For example, when Girl's Generation released their "Oh!" song, in the beginning I felt that their "Oh!" was really not that good, I was nearly disappointed with their release "Oh!". But then I tried to watch their "Oh!" MV from YouTube, and I started to get attracted to their song. Because of their MV, I kept repeating this song like 10+ times and starting to feel that the song is actually quite addictive to listen. In the end, I felt in love with this song.

If you see carefully, characteristics of most K-Pop groups MV are almost the same. It normally divided into two or three themes. Each of the theme has different dressing, appearance, and scene. Although they wear almost the same in each individual theme, but sometimes their dressing can be different, for examples like: "long sleeve & short sleeve", "slightly color differences" or may be "with tie & without". Besides theme, K-Pop MV is also combination of few parts which are: "group dance", "group show", "group sing", "solo sing" and "solo show". 

How can K-Pop MV is so attractive? K-Pop MV plays a very important role in their songs. It's not just the matter of promoting their songs, but MV is also the best chance for them to promote themselves. Hence, K-Pop artists have to show their best performances in MV. Well, when we talk about performances, they're not just singing and dancing, but their movements, expressions and appearance are also counted. 

PSY's Horse Dance "Oppa Gangnam Style"
The dance of the MV can be very easy or difficult, but this is not so important. As long as the dance steps are very unique and catchy, people will still get attracted by it. Just like the most popular Korean dance around the world "Oppa Gangnam Style", it's actually not too difficult to dance, I personally took only 1 day to learn by just watching the MV. Although the dance steps look a bit weird and easy to dance, but many people still love it, because it's unique and catchy.

The scene of the MV is also very important to build up the whole feelings of song. Korean is willing to spend a lot of money or efforts on setting up the scenes and backgrounds of the MV. Some of the scenes and the backgrounds from the MV were specially made or built. Sometimes they can be cost more than our expectation.

Apink's Kim NamJoo in "NoNoNo" MV
Appearances are much concerned in K-Pop MV. You will see the best looks of them compare to usual. Normally when they are shooting their MV, the lightings are set to the best direction and location. When the lightings are set to correct direction, especially from the front direct to their face, their face will look brighter and the wrinkles are unnoticeable. That's why sometimes when you watch K-Pop MV, you will feel that they looks much better and it's like they are coming from heaven. 

As the conclusion, Korean has their own ways on making music video and we can see why Korean put so much efforts on their music video. Apparently they saw the points how the music video can helps them on making their album more successful. The above are just my opinions and I hope you can understand more on K-Pop music video.