Thursday, April 10, 2014

We Got Married Global Edition Season 2

We Got Married Global Edition is a Korean variety show that pairs up idol celebrities to have their virtual marriage. Unlike normal WGM, Global Edition paired idol celebrities from Japan and Taiwan with Korean. After WGM Global Edition Season 1 ended, our long await WGM Global Edition Season 2 has finally here.

Pairing 1(Top): Shinee's Key with Arisa Yagi
Pairing 2(Bottom): Super Junior's Kim Heechul with Puff Guo

As usual, in WGM Global Edition season 2 has two pairings. First pairing will be Shinee's Key with Japanese model Arisa Yagi, and second pairing will be Super Junior's Kim Heechul with singer and actress Puff Guo from the Taiwanese girl group Dream Girls and Just You.

I personally have already watch the first episode, and I really can't wait for the second episode. In my opinion, I like to see Key with Arisa more than Heechul with Guo, but both of the pairing are cute and worth to watch.

Key Arisa Couple: Their cute and lovely moment while capturing photo at beach.
Key and Arisa Yagi is a funny couple. They are like kids, they like to play and get along really fast. They have no communication problem, because Key is quite fluent in Japanese while Arisa know how to speak some Korean too. Both of them are good in control the atmosphere and environment while they are dating. You definitely will not get bore while you are watching them. 

Heechul Guo Couple: Sweet photo capture

Kim Heechul and Puff Guo is a cool couple. They are like a matured couple, they are not too aggressive to express their love and they are cool, but very sweet. Unlike Key and Arisa, Heechul and Guo are having hard time to communicate with each other. Puff Guo is not fluent in Korean while Heechul don't understand Chinese too. Although they have communication problem, they are still able to get along very well, just the matter of time. This couple is really funny, you will sure laugh out loud when you see how they use body language and English to communicate.

Lastly, WGM Global Edition is really worth to watch. I believe their virtual marriage life will become more interesting and meaningful in the rest episodes. I really can't wait to watch the next episode. We Got Married hwaiting!